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Ebram Victoria

Landscaping Director // co-Founder
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Ebram helps people to beautify their lives with the help of nature.  He does it all: Design, Installation and Maintenance. As a professional landscaper, he has the honor of creating outdoor spaces that people enjoy for a lifetime. Ebram aims to create landscapes that remind us (and the birds, bees, and butterflies) of nature's allure with texture, color, and smells. He tries to use native plants, natural stone, and zero chemicals for each project, always seeking nature's remedy. Ebram approaches projects with confidence because he trusts his experience, judgement, and work ethic. Ebram's imagination and creativity flows from site to site, strengthened by his experience working in all aspects of the landscape world, from the plants at the nursery to complete project management, both commercial and residential.


He currently is owner and operator of 2nd Nature Design & Landscaping, an environmentally conscious landscaping and construction company.


Art Director // co-Founder

Nether is a native Baltimorean street artist and mural painter driven by rouge beautification and strategic agitation aimed at sparking conversation on ignored issues & neighborhoods. Nether's work is as a social documentarian of the struggles, dreams, history and dilemmas that our city faces.  With outdoor work, acting first as an artistic hand to the communities aspirations, pieces are generally designed in conceptual collaboration with native stakeholders and focused to the locale. The quest is merely an attempt to help reclaim and recycle the tragic landscape, bring out our city’s pride, and capture the poetic chaos that is Baltimore.

Nether has and has painted over 70 walls over the past 10 years across the city and helped organize over 30 more pieces of public art.  He also co-curated the Eubie Blake: Sandtown Mural Project in 2015 with Ernest Shaw.

Terrell Brown

Project Manager

A graduate of Morgan State University, Terrell is a multi-media strategist who helps civic organization creatively connect with the constituents they serve in the

Baltimore community. He has worked extensively in the greening and arts realm to develop thorough programing and deepen the collaboration and connection projects have to the ground. Having served in the Army, Terrell brings a mission focused, disciplined, and multilateral approach to relationship building which helps break down social barriers inherent in our city's landscape.

Jake Balter

Project Manager

Jake graduated from the University of Baltimore's Master of Public Administration program with a concentration in non-profit management. He has a experience in development, policy, programing, and volunteer event coordination working in communities throughout Baltimore. Currently he is a program coordinator at Jubilee Arts, helping to develop and manage their "Youth in Business" program.

Julie Buisson

Grant Writer/Manager

Julie help with grant writing and funding for Arts & Parks as well as project management. She guides communication between the different entities involved in each project. 

Aside from Arts & Parks, Julie runs her own business, Modernature, which grows fresh microgreens and leafy greens using indoor farming. She mainly focuses on education around indoor farming and spends time volunteering at the 901Arts Center and is currently working with the Phillips Programs school in Laurel. 

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