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Arts & Parks is an organization that seeks to blend street art and purposeful landscaping to create holistic spaces for Baltimore neighborhoods. The organization is centered around a collaboration between two Baltimore natives: Justin "Nether" Nethercut, street artist, and Ebram Victoria, professional landscaper. Having been close friends since high school, and supporting in each other's professional pursuits, the duo decided to merge their two practices to both better achieve their common goal of beautifying spaces. Nether's murals provide color and relevant visuals to empty walls, while Ebram ensures the space surrounding the wall provides a sanctuary where people can enjoy the art. His methods incorporate native species, storm water management and long-term maintenance plans. Together, the blend of art and environmental design provides a holistic space where people are invited to find peace. 

Our organization focuses on underserved communities in the Baltimore City district. We look to bring back meaning and power to forgotten spaces. At every new site, we research what events of historical value took place, and we actively speak to adjacent residents in order to create designs that reflect the past, present and future potential of the place. Getting input from active community members helps shape the development of the design and ensures that the voices and desires of the people influence the final outcomes. The beautification services that we offer often take place in Baltimore's most blighted communities where vacant lots and walls abound and where green space and color is most needed. The impact of our work is to improve the environment for Baltimore residents by providing a beautiful space that serves as a haven. 

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