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a initiative in collaboration with
Funded by Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated 
Photo by David Muse
Photo by David Muse
Photo by David Muse


Park Area + Tree Pits

3000 E. Madison

New benches and picnic tables surround large containers, filled with native Maryland grown trees and plants, creating a “pop-up” park atmosphere where residents can engage and relax comfortably with others from their neighborhood. The existing tree pits in front of the park were enhanced with similar natives to strengthen the biological impact and continuity of the project.

Bocek/Madison East-End Community Association

2931 E. Madison (lot in front of Elevation Chapel)

The existing landscape was enhanced with natural stone elements that capture the longevity of the church and the spirit of the community. Native Maryland grown trees, shrubs and plants were added to the space to compliment the nearby Bocek Park and Curley Street containers.

Curley Street 

Between Madison and Monument Streets

Because this street does did not have the sidewalk space to accommodate a tree pit, we decided to creatively provide an alternative solution. Each resident received a large container planted with all native Maryland grown trees and plants, in addition to solar lighting for soft ambiance.  Following the planter installation, we developed a community street painting event for youth with the Bocek / Madison-Eastend Community Association. Together we painted an abstract mosaic pattern down the center of the 700 block of Curley Street.  

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